Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Old Times

A few days ago, I dig out some of old hard copy photos to snap into soft copy.
Sometimes u dig it out and u remember your good O days.

Its quite interesting.
Some become uber rich, some have kids, some married.
In another 10 years time, it will become more interesting.
Most of us would have packed on a couple of KG in their tens.
Some of us would have much lesser hair.
Some would have geographical lines on their faces.
Ageing is scary, pls maintain all your pretty faces.

Recently during my weekly gaming session.
Five of us turn up in the same hairstyle, its absolutely hiliarous and we took a pic (which is supposed to be private). Granted, it will not be placed in FB but it will be placed in my now-traffic-less blog for rememberence.

So farnie...We are "IN"

Singapore Public Holidays 2012

August got two public holidays...woooots...

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Why I keep exercising

The reason why i am exercising so frequently is sum up by one statement i happen to see on a website.

"I love to see positive changes in my physique. It is something you can always work on and always find room for improvement. You are constantly striving to look better, live healthier, and empowering yourself to be a better person. I feel it makes you a stronger person mentally because of the consistency and dedication it involves to truly see results. Greatness is not achieved overnight."

Totally sums up why i make it a habit to exercise everyday.
It no longer seems like a drag to change out of my workclothes into singlet and shorts.
It just became a habit, a rountine.

I alternate my exercises between weights at home, swimming and running. The variety of things i can do also make exercise quite interesting. I have never term myself as a hardcore fitness freak because I dont really care abt fitness yah.

The biggest motivation within me is that i know i can look better week after weeks. I think that point alone is the main motivation for everyone. You look better, you feel better.

Even though i still look nowhere like my idol zheng geping. I know that it is not impossible.
If someone at 40 can look lidat, everyone can achieve it with perserverence.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

天與地 When Heaven Burns

This is the soundtrack of my current HK drama that i am watching.

Its really nice, if you see the show and read the lyrics. Its very appt.

Written by Beyond lead singer 黃貫中 for this show.

天與地 With a strong cast. This show is dark.. About a group of kids who used to be in a band.

Some shit happen and years later, they reunite.


Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Muthu Curry

Ate Muthu Curry last night. Yums..juz a tad spicy but it made me sweat like a pig.

The rice and briyani is serverly overpriced at $3/$4 with unlimited servings of vege and spicy egg plant. The medium portion of fish head curry is priced at $20. It should be sufficient for 3-4 ppl to eat it. Quite like the fish curry but it will be better if got fan blowing straight at me. Location: 138 Race Course Road, #01-01